Our Projects

Everything that we have achieved together!


Sparking Minds Vegetable Garden

And here we are! With two more vegetable gardens complete, there is a steady supply of fresh produce to the soup kitchens, enabling us to feed hundreds of hungry mouths within two different communities.

Our latest garden located in the Knysna location, supplies a soup kitchen that we started ourselves together with the owner of the plot on which the vegetable garden is. They have been open since last week Friday and just yesterday, they fed over 60 kids!

Our incredible team in Concordia, have been nurturing their seedlings and are patiently waiting for the time to harvest the produce, which will provide a constant supply of fresh and nutritious vegetables. Their soup kitchen currently manages to feed around 150 people every time they open!

At the Brackenhill garden, the seedlings have been planted and is on track to supply their soup kitchen with fresh produce. This Vegetable garden will be a massive help for their little community of only 300 inhabitants!

Our journey thus far has been more than just vegetable gardens. We have worked with some incredibly inspiring people, brought together communities, cleaned up heaps of rubbish and made use of our magnificent earth that we live on in order to feed those that face food insecurity each and every day. It’s a difficult reality that not many of us can relate to, as most of us worry about what we are going to eat next and not when we will eat next.

Thank you to everyone that has helped us achieve what we have. We are actively trying to find more places to carry out new vegetable gardens in the fight against food insecurity in South Africa!





Covid-19 Food Drive

Sparking Minds has put in place an weekly food collection service to area of the township of Knysna that are struggling, especially families in need with kids. We are reaching 15 families a week, and with the help of local donations and supermarkets we are trying to reach as many people in crisis as we can.

During our time confined, we have also made little homemade sanitisers to be handed out with the hampers, accompanied by a leaflet with safety information on the coronavirus.




Born 2 Care Playground 

With the new extension at the creche, we managed to clean up the empty piece of land that was behind the existing school and with a lot of hard work we turned it into a beautiful playground that the kids can now enjoy freely, with jungle gyms and other games, and away from the road.

A huge thanks to all that helped us during this project and allowing us to change lives together.




Born 2 Care Grade R Class

Entering our second year as a Non-profit Company creates a pressure to find new and innovative projects to help our cause and what we fight for therefore when we visited our potential new building to turn into a Grade R classroom for kids in the community.

We have build and equipped this new classroom that was built as an extension to the existing creche, a proper classroom. This new addition allowed for a qualified teacher to be employed and teach the new grade R class of bright young children before they head to public school.


Born 2 Care

As a new NPC, we currently only have a few projects. Our main one right now is the sustainable development of a crèche in Knysna, The Born 2 Care crèche, we started our journey with them and have put a lot of time and effort in building an incredible crèche that now houses over 60+ kids, with a growing staff and infrastructure to insure that these children that we now call our family, are ready for School when they leave. most of these kids were not stimulated when we first went to their crèche that was in a shed at the back of a tiny house in the township, with a rusted car falling apart in the kids’ playground.

Seeing this broke our hearts and from the moment we set foot in that little place, we knew that we had to help them, but it turns out we can help much more than just a few kids. there is a huge number of children left to wander on the streets as a result of bad parenting or simply a lack of money to pay the fees for the school, so we decided to invest our spare time in collecting donations from all over the world to create what is now a magnificent little school that stimulate and educate these little human being to a potential that they never thought they had. One of the key factors in the growth of these kids is the confidence that we instil in them, which they never had before, we provide a safe and open environment for them to grow and prosper into the person that they are meant to be.

If you wish to get involved, please contact us or visit the donations page.