Our Projects

Born 2 Care

As a new NPC, we currently only have a few projects. Our main one right now is the sustainable development of a crèche in Knysna, The Born 2 Care crèche, we started our journey with them and have put a lot of time and effort in building an incredible crèche that now houses over 60+ kids, with a growing staff and infrastructure to insure that these children that we now call our family, are ready for School when they leave. most of these kids were not stimulated when we first went to their crèche that was in a shed at the back of a tiny house in the township, with a rusted car falling apart in the kids’ playground.

Seeing this broke our hearts and from the moment we set foot in that little place, we knew that we had to help them, but it turns out we can help much more than just a few kids. there is a huge number of children left to wander on the streets as a result of bad parenting or simply a lack of money to pay the fees for the school, so we decided to invest our spare time in collecting donations from all over the world to create what is now a magnificent little school that stimulate and educate these little human being to a potential that they never thought they had. One of the key factors in the growth of these kids is the confidence that we instil in them, which they never had before, we provide a safe and open environment for them to grow and prosper into the person that they are meant to be.

If you wish to get involved, please contact us or visit the donations page.

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Sparking Minds Gardens

During this difficult period of Coronavirus, our efforts to combat food insecurity in our community was valiant but not a sustainable effort. we went from food parcels to parcels of food. 

Our first garden was a dumping site which we transformed into 300 square metres of fenced fertile ground to grow on, and supply the soup kitchen which is situated right above the garden itself.

From there, we expanded a second garden that was already existing but no soup kitchen was nearby there we started one in that community after working on their vegetable garden. 

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