Our Projects

Bethel Daycare Project

We have recently taken on a new creche that is in desperate need of our assistance. We would like to raise money in order to provide tables, chairs and books for their classrooms and we would also like to put a feeding scheme in place.

As this creche is in South Africa, any donations would be greatly appreciated as there is loads for us to help them with and could be the start of a new adventure!

Check out our GoFundMe.

Born2Care Crèche 

As a new NPC, we currently only have a few projects. Our main one right now is the sustainable development of a crèche in Knysna, The Born2Care crèche.

Our journey started in 2016 and after a lot of time and effort we are proud to have built an incredible crèche that now houses over 90+ kids, with a growing staff of amazing teachers and clean infrastructure to insure that these children are ready for Grade 1.

When we first went to the crèche, it was in a shed at the back of a tiny house in the township, with a rusted car falling apart in the kids’ playground and crammed full of unstimulated kids.

Seeing this sparked our minds and from the moment we set foot in that little place, we knew that we had to help them, but it turns out we can help much more than just a few kids. There is a huge number of children left to wander on the streets as a result of family issues or simply a lack of money to pay school fees, so we decided to invest our time in collecting donations from all over the world to create what is now a magnificent little school that stimulates and provides solid education for these little kids, pushing them to a potential that they never thought they had. One of the key factors in the growth of these kids is the confidence that we instil in them, which they never had before, we provide a safe and open environment for them to grow and prosper into the person that they dream to become.

We build the foundation, To Spark their Minds.

If you wish to get involved, please contact us or visit the donations page.

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Sparking Minds Bursaries

We try to keep a close relationship with students that attend our creche, Born2Care crèche, to understand their family situation and support them as much as we can to provide a safe and stimulating environment for them to grow into the best version of themselves before they leave to go to Grade R. We believe that the early years in every child are some of the most crucial to build a solid base of character traits and knowledge to navigate the rest of their lives.

The families that we identify in struggling situation and that find themselves unable to pay their children’s school fees, resulting in their child missing school, these families are brought to our attention and we organise a bursary for their child to attend our crèche.

Please get in touch if you want to sponsor a child’s education and invest in their future, You can also check our Donations page for options.




Sparking Minds Gardens

During this difficult COVID-19 lockdown, our efforts to combat food insecurity in our community was valiant but not a sustainable effort. We started organising food parcels for communities around Knysna, Western Cape, for the first couple weeks this was thriving and helping a lot of people but it wasn’t enough and our aim was to create a sustainable way of helping these communities, we went from food parcels to parcels of food.

Our first garden was a dumping site, located in Concordia, Knysna, which we transformed into 300 square metres of fenced fertile ground to grow on, and supply the soup kitchen which is situated right above the garden itself which fed hundreds of people a day.

From there, we took on a second garden in White Location, Knysna, that was already existing but left in terrible condition and with no soup kitchen was nearby. We cleaned up and replanted their garden and setup a soup kitchen attached to it which fed hundreds of people during the lockdown.

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Godwin’s Journey

Meet Godwin Thobi, a smart young man who has a incredible character and funny personality with an amazingly hard working spirit. He approached us earlier this year as he was looking to start studying after 7 years of trying to save up for it and having life throw challenges in his way, that always stopped him at the last second.

After speaking with him for a bit, we realised how dedicated Godwin is and we wanted to be part of his Journey to be the best version of himself and grabbing this opportunity by the scruff the first time around.

Therefore, Our Latest adventure of 2022 was to help Godwin with a full support sponsor for his tuition, but we’re not focused on just paying the fees…

We setup an amazing opportunity for Godwin to achieve and educate himself through these next couple of years to shape his life in the future. We organise Bi-monthly session with a life coach and mentor to give him guidance and support through his journey and education.

Sparking Minds also has a monthly sit down with Godwin to catch-up and make sure everything is going well.

If you wish to support Godwin as well, feel free to contact us directly.