Founders: Hélène-Marie and Raphaël Ceillier

The story behind the crèche dates back 3 years ago when we started to go every week in a crèche called ‘Born2care’ in the townships of Knysna to teach and play with the little ones. As you can imagine the conditions were gregarious. So, in November of 2016 when Emma, the lady who runs the crèche, found a plot with small house, yet comparably better than the shed where the crèche was originally,  for sale. She asked for our advice, She had enough money to buy the plot but it was too small. Therefore we made plans for an extension to fit 50 kids there from 0 to 5 years old. We organized and managed the renovations using workers from the community. The school opened in March this year. After that experience, we decided to create a NPO, called Sparking Minds, which aimed to improve the education and the conditions in which little kids grow up in.

Our organisation’s main objective focuses on the social and educational development of the youth in South Africa’s underprivileged communities with a focal point on health and economic empowerment in those communities.

Our organisation sets-up  projects such as providing safe and clean environments for young children through renovating and building crèches and dispensing crucial teaching skills to educator and facilitators, with a constant monitoring of the establishments and providing necessary equipment and other necessities required for the healthy development of the babies and younger children.